THE MORNING SKATE: Red Wings Hangover Edition

In case you missed it, here’s Mike Babcock freaking about the Isles’ timeout with :20 to go complete with golf clap. It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

I’d like to see Capuano pull this again, if only for the YouTube factor. I don’t have too much of a problem with the timeout itself. The Wings didn’t have to touch the iced puck if they were interested in ending the game and skipping town. Once they did ice it, I don’t have a problem with the time out. My issue is with the first line being out there in the first place. I understand that they were probably looking for a Moulson hat trick but up four you should know Detroit isn’t pulling Conklin and a hat trick is unlikely. More importantly, even though Detroit isn’t a very physical or dirty team I wouldn’t put the team’s best players on the ice late in a blowout. If Cap is about preventing injuries — that’s another way injuries happen. The safest scenario is one where Tavares & Co. are on the bench, encased in bubble wrap.

Fornabaio has an interview with Garth Snow about the non-reporting and suspended Anton Klementyev. Klementyev was loaned to the Idaho Steelheads of the ECHL and never showed, prompting a suspension from the Islanders.

Would Snow bring him back to Bridgeport? “There’d have to be a lot of conversations going on. I can’t give you an informed answer without talking through it with all the parties, Anton, his agent, Brent (Thompson), with the players in the locker room. I don’t think it’s a positive situation when a player packs up and leaves his teammates.”

I mean, how many of us would show up if our job transferred us to Idaho? Seriously though, it’s kind of odd when a kid up and disappears like this. It’s hard enough trying to cut it as a professional hockey player at 21-years old but factor in doing that on the other side of the world and riding buses around the Northeast while being scratched most nights. Not exactly fun times. It’s not hard to see what may be going through his mind here. The Islanders still retain his rights but — just speculating here — I wouldn’t be surprised if he pops up in Russia some time soon.

See if you can spot the mixup in this photo (via HF).

Man, haven’t seen this one before

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano is seeking a private developer for the Nassau Hub, including the 77 acres surrounding Nassau Coliseum, according to Hofstra University president Stuart Rabinowitz.

Mangano is preparing a Request for Qualifications, or RFQ, for the site, Rabinowitz, who is co-vice chairman of the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council, said in an interview after the Council’s meeting Tuesday.

Yawn. Wake me when something actually happens. I’m not going to get much into the arena situation during the season — there’s plenty of time for that in the summer — but jeez. Welcome to Nassau County; “Eternally chasing our tail.”