THE MORNING SKATE: That Larry Brooks Article, Micheal "Rebel" Haley and More

On Sunday, NY Post hockey writer Larry Brooks took ten plus paragraphs to address the Islanders and as most things Brooks writes about it caused a stir and a dozen different debates around the Isles blog/twitter/comment-sphere. For review, here’s some of the more salient paragraphs:

The team has no identity beyond Wang and Snow’s shtick. There may have been a fair amount of chaos under Ted Nolan, but at least his teams always were in their opponents’ face, and the same for Scott Gordon’s teams until he lost the room.

Now there’s nothing.

They have taken the treadmill to obscurity. They are the team that doesn’t matter.

A lot of people went straight to praising a significant writer for taking on the tough topics of this franchise’s direction. There’s merit in that. The stalling of the team, the franchise and the arena situation are things that get relatively no attention outside of the local area and team related blogs.

Any news about the Phoenix Coyotes is met with heaps of Twitter reactions and national stories but with Bruce Ratner making an unexpected appearance on the Isles telecast the other night — basically dropping a bomb on a team that is otherwise hush-hush about things — was met with virtually no outside interest. Nothing came from it and it was nothing more than PR, sure, but it’s the kind of thing that media (this blog included) eats up. Maybe the national media’s disinterest is only stalled until 2015. After all, that’s the date everyone has spoon-fed them anytime they’ve showed interest. It’s hard to tell. But to get back to Brooks…

What was there that hasn’t already been discussed? The Bailey selection, how Niederreiter has been handled and some odd shot about Jeff Skinner (hindsight is always the easier way to judge a draft selection) are all topics we’ve beaten into submission over the course of the last few seasons. That doesn’t mean his opinions are wrong, it means we’ve gone over them ad nauseum for months. Give a writer with a reputation credit for asking these questions to a larger audience, but don’t act like any of them are grand revelations.

Well, wanted by the AHL Powers That Be, that is. As LHH and Fornabaio report, Haley got involved in a wild incident during a game with Worchester over the weekend. But the best breakdown comes from Worchester parent blog Sharkspage.

Basically what happened was that Haley jumped Worchester’s Mike Moore from behind — the two have a history — and got five for fighting. After serving those penalties, they fought again on their way back to the benches, which is good enough for a six-game ban in the AHL. And so continues the story of Micheal Haley: rebel who doesn’t play by the rules.

So, at the risk of having fun come to an end via corporate censorship, let me just say that Matt Donovan’s twitter is awesome. And I really mean that. No internet sarcasm or anything. A lot of it is a running stream of consciousness and it’s pretty funny, if you’re into Twitter humor. It’s really easy to jump on an athlete when they say something dumb on the internet, so we’re going to go the other way and praise someone for being cool.