How do you respond to a fraud?


Do you even try?


Do you theorize about how wild Islanders rumors are gold – they’re gold, Jerry! – on the information superhighway?


Do you point out how the fraud has been 99% wrong and 99.9% hallucinatory (the latter could be from his alleged days in rock and roll).


Do you link to all the stories written by pros questioning his integrity and even his life story?


Do I re-live the tale of how he was once purposefully mis-directed on a bogus Islanders free agent rumor and completely took the bait?


Do I openly speculate about the fraudulent site having knowledge that I’m out of the country right now and thinking this might be a good time to blind-side the fans with a rumor destined to provoke a lot of Visits?


I’ve spoken to the Fraudmeister a few times. One thing he always tells me is how his site is supposed to be “fun,” how he’d never report anything that would hurt anyone. Really?


Do I discuss how the Islanders once caught the fraud back-timing his reports to make it look like he had a trade scoop before anyone else?


Do I even go there – do I even think about…uh, aw, I can’t. I’ll keep that one in my hip pocket.


How do you respond to a fraud?


Do you even try?


Yes, in the case of life-altering fraudulence like this, you do. The people of Islanders Country deserve an answer. There’s nothing here, folks. Could he have at least done a better job making up a pricetag?