THE RESULTS ARE ALMOST IN…Polls closed; leaders satisfied with voter turnout

11:10 pm: With 45% of precincts in, NO leads by 58% to 42%.

10:35 pm: With 25% of precincts reporting, NO leads by 60% to 40%.

9:05 pm: The polls for the Islanders arena referendum have closed. It appears neither side will ask a judge to get involved with extending voting hours despite major delays for thousands of commuters on the Long Island Railroad.

From speaking with leaders on all sides with vested interests in the final results, everyone seems satisfied with the voter turnout and is not protesting the Nassau Board of Elections’ decision to close the polls. (To Newsday, the BOE cited an issue with overtime for County Police).

So hold on tight. The Yes or No result will be made official in an hour or two or three. The only thing that is for certain: the citizens of Islanders Country did their part.