THE VOTE TO VOTE WILL BE MAY 31Expect a YES next Tuesday, then a YES on August 1

After another embarrassing day of delays, groveling for union support and in-fighting today between the Republican majority and Democratic minority, the bottom line is that the vote on the Aug. 1 referendum will be held next Tuesday, May 31 among the Nassau Legislature. All the supporters of the new Coliseum deal need is a majority, and the Republicans already have a majority. Even one of the Dems acknowledged that the vote could be 19-0.

It may not be 19-0, but the vote next Tuesday will pass to hold a vote of Nassau residents on Aug. 1 on a $400 million bond (350 for a new Coliseum, 50 for a new minor league ballpark). If there is a vote on Aug. 1, the combination of Islanders fans, union workers and proponents of a new Coliseum will defeat those against in a blowout.

The only thing, and it’s a big one, standing in the way of a new Coliseum now is the opinion of the Nassau Interim Finance Committee. NIFA has already publicly questioned the wisdom of the proposal by Edward Mangano for Charles Wang and the Islanders. In an op-ed in today’s Newsday, NIFA member George Marlin destroyed similar deals.

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