There is a (Allegedly) Game Worn Rick DiPietro SC Riessersee Jersey on Ebay (Update)

Kevin Schultz

Update 10:45pm: The seller responded and says the jersey is from Riessersee’s friendly against Peinbenberg on November 9th. Riessersee won that game 12-0 with DiPietro in net. So, apparently DiPietro played three games in Europe with one being a shutout, and that made it under the radar here in North America.

Original story:Yes, folks for the low price of $399 Euros (about $533) you can own a piece of NHL lockout history; the Rick DiPietro SC Riessersee jersey.

DiPietro spent the lockout playing two games for SC Riessersee in the German league. According to the seller, it comes with a certificate of authenticity stating that it is, in fact, game worn. Since DiPietro only played two games, it should be pretty easy to narrow down which game this came from… Except, if my research is correct, Riessersee wore blue both times DiPietro took to the ice.

He played on October 14th in a home game against Landshut (Riessersee’s home unis are blue). He also played on October 17th in a non-league game where Riessersee also wore blue. So, is this a fake or is it DiPietro’s away jersey that never made it to the ice? Buyers beware.

I’ve reached out to the seller for comment on this (not very) important story.

h/t to friend/enemy Scotty Hockey