VIDEO: MY PERSONAL PLEA TO ALL READERSNo more talk of IPB. It’s all about the Lighthouse.

I recorded this Friday night on the pier in Freeport. With the Point Blank story growing longer legs than I thought it would (or ever intended), it was time to speak from the heart and urge everyone to get the focus back where it belongs.


Please watch the video, consider what I have to say and do me the huge favor of keeping to its message. Pass it around to your friends with blogs, message boards, Twitter pages, anything so as many people see it as possible. I can handle the cracks about how goofy it may be. Just please get the word out.


The Point Blank story must be put aside for a while. As I say in the video, if you want to help me and Point Blank, the best way is to make this week about the Lighthouse, leave the Islanders out of the PB discussion and let me figure out a solution by the end of August. My sincerest apologies for derailing the priorities.


The future of Point Blank is on me, not the Islanders. The future of the Islanders – an infinitely bigger story – is something you can take a leadership role in this week.


I’m attempting to line up a few promotional interviews on the Lighthouse rally-march-hearing and will keep you posted on a schedule.


If you have any questions for me about this video, drop me an email. Thank you for the consideration.