VIDEO: Howie Rose Trolls Neil Greenberg for Not Including John Tavares in Top 25 List

During the second period of the Islanders’ game against Carolina tonight, MSG play-by-play man Howie Rose went off on a hard troll rant against ESPN’s Neil Greenberg (without explicitly mentioning his name). Earlier in the week, Greenberg had come under fire on Isles fan’s Twitters and blogs for the “Top 25 Players Under 25” list he posted on ESPN. Most notably, Greenberg left off Tavares and draft classmate Matt Duchene from the list. Tonight, Tavares extended his league best point streak to 12 games and moved within 8 points of the league scoring lead. Here’s the video of the rant:

I can’t give Howie Rose points for the part of his rant that follows the ‘blogger needs to get out of his damned basement’ routine. That would be the line about being a “housebound agorophobe” who needs to get some sunlight. That’s all about five to ten years overused and tiresome. At least go after his statistics or something.

However, the rant echoed what fans have been saying online during the week was a breath of fresh air to hear the criticism coming from someone with such a high visibility. Troll on Howie, troll on.

Video courtesy Keith.



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