VIDEO: Winnipeg's Mark Stuart Destroys PA Parenteau's Leg, Free Agency Payday

UPDATE, 9:03PM: The Islanders are calling the injury an ankle sprain. That could be good news for Parenteau. Good news in that the injury looked much, much worse.

It’s a coincidence but of course on the day we post about Parenteau’s impending free agency his leg gets bent in ways the human leg should not get bent, throwing said impending free agency for a loop. Only two games away from what was sure to be a big payday — whether it came from the Islanders or elsewhere — Parenteau gets sideswiped by Winnipeg’s Mark Stuart during the second period of the Islanders home finale. It’s atrociously bad luck for Parenteau, who could potentially require surgery as the injury left him unable to leave the ice under his own power. And, of course, there was no penalty called on the play.