WELCOME TO NEW YORK, JOHN TAVARESGoal scorer selected first overall by the NYI


And the Coliseum crowd of 10,000 erupts like it hasn’t since the Toronto series.


By not saying for two months what they would do with the No. 1 pick, the Islanders were telling you all along.


Make no mistake, the selling of John Tavares begins tonight. (Updated 7:30 pm – NYI saying that if you buy a season ticket tonight, you’ll meet Tavares next week). Expect at least one mega sales event next week, along with a media tour. They won’t put JT on billboards, but the Islanders have two and a half months before camp to make “Seen Stamkos?” look like the publicity for a school play. And they will. Just watch ’em.


This is a great kid and a potentially great NHL player. He will serve the Islanders and their fans well.


Now on to finding a dozen more players over the next year for the rebuild. The Islanders kept this a secret for a few weeks. For their next trick, they will attempt to assemble a team that can win a playoff round and then reach that consistent contender goal.


With Tavares, they are a lot closer. The celebration in Islanders Country begins.


("Hey JT, can you believe they thought me or Vic were goin' first"?)