SOUND TIGERS — Seeing a Mascot Skydive is Something We Can Support

Kevin Schultz

It’s not very often that I’ll highlight a marketing gimmick here at Point Blank; the site has always had that independent tagline at the top and I intend to uphold that (OK, we probably can’t say bad things about the Mets but other than that it’s true). I’m also not going to ignore something awesome either. To explain, let’s start with this tweet from the Sound Tigers’ Official account yesterday:

Oh yeah, that’s a totally normal hockey tweet for mid-August… Or not.

There’s something about seeing a giant blue furby tiger fall out of the sky that is something I’d like to see happen. It’s minor league promotions like these (see also: pink jerseys, Rod Blagojevich Prison Night) that are wacky, fresh and straight up nuts. Jumping someone out of a plane in a big blue tiger costume certainly fits all of these criteria.

As of this posting the Sound Tigers had 5,951 likes on Facebook so it’s safe to say this will happen sooner rather than later. Before this jump happens, I have two suggestions for the Sound Tigers to make this even better:

1) Make sure that this is all captured on video by someone else jumping out of the plane.

2) Also make Sound Tiger Twitter Legend Matt Donovan jump out of the plane and have him Tweet during the freefall.

So yeah, go ahead and like them on Facebook so we have something to watch this summer. It’s a lot better than getting worked up about the CBA, something fans have no say in (sigh).