VIDEO — Matt Martin With a First Period Knockout of Devils’ Tom Kostopoulos (Warning)

Kevin Schultz

NEWARK, NJ — During tonight’s first period, with the Islanders up 2-0, the Isles Matt Martin knocked over New Jersey’s Stephen Gionta at center ice. Sticking up for his teammate and likely trying to inspire his team, Kostopoulos went right after Martin. After a few exchanges, Martin landed a decisive knockout blow that left Kostopoulos unconscious on the ice. To his credit, Martin immediately signaled for the trainer after Kostopoulos went down. Kostopoulos would leave on his own feet, but with help from a teammate and looking very wobbly on his feet.

Video is after the jump, and fair warning that it may be a bit tough to watch Kostopoulos cold on the ice after being hit by Martin.